So, Who is This Farmgirl?

Hello Beautiful Readers!

I’m so honored that you would click on this page to read about me. I am just a simple farmgirl. I have lived in this tiny town of Spicewood, TX, most of my life. I was raised  and loved by my parents and grandparents right here on this piece of dirt. My Mom gave her life to raise and homeschool me and my 2 siblings, and then at 17 years old, I showed them all I knew everything-l moved to the big city and left all this country stuff behind. It didn’t take long to realize all that so-called-knowledge was not so smart. I moved home and married the man of my dreams. We have made our life on this little piece of Hill Country, reclaiming everything that was almost lost, almost overwhelmed by scrub cedar and the never ending pokes and thistles, and made our own little legacy in the process.

Now we farm. Now we have three kiddlings that we homeschool. Now we get the honor of making our mark on this little piece of land.

Because, really, in the whole scheme of things, what do we have? A few mere years to live on this earth. A little time to do something worth while. To Love. To Live. To get our Hands Dirty. And that’s what this whole blog is about. So, thank you for joining the ride, no matter where you are. Jump on board. Live life. And what ever you do, at the end of the day, find some dirt under your fingernails!

Cow and I