Milking Dexter Cattle

Being born and raised on a cattle ranch, we were accustom to large cattle breeds, but when we began the journey to find our own little herd of cattle, Dexter’s became the only choice for us. 

 Dexter Cattle are known as the smallest non-mini breed of cattle. They are wonderful tri-purpose cattle, being raised for both milk and meat and trained as draft animals. They come in black, red or dun, are horned or polled, with some people preferring to dehorn them.


Dexters are also the perfect old-fashioned family milk cow. They produce manageable amounts of milk for the small homestead family, an average of 1.5-2 gallons per day with a butterfat content of 4 to 5 percent. Yields of cream up to one quart per gallon are possible. The cream can be skimmed for butter or ice cream.


Here at Star Creek, we are dedicated to breeding, raising and training high quality, gentle and well conformed family milk cows, perfect for a families supply of fresh milk. Our cattle are milked and handled daily.


All of our cattle are registered with the ADCA and are PHAFD and Chondro Free.


We have the honor of raising, training, and placing Dexter milk cows with their perfect family for a life time supply of milk and land management. This is something we are passionate about.


If you are looking to purchase a Dexter for a family milk cow, please contact us for availability.




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