Prep, Prep, Prep

Things seem to be moving right along, almost as if we are now caught in a giant wave called “House Building To-Do List” It’s sweeping by at a furious pace and Preston and I are surfing as best as we can. It’s totally exciting, but also stressful. We have both had long conversations about pacing ourselves, allowing downtime, and zooming out to remember the big picture.

Our home site prep is finished! Just a few short weeks ago this seemed like a a nearly impossible task. There was so much juniper tangle on our hill, as it’s the only truly rocky land, useless for farming, on our property and it was basically neglected from any clearing for the past who-knows-how-many-decades. But we conquered the cedar mess and what is left is a perfect, PERFECT, space for our planned farmhouse, hundreds of lovely oak trees, and a breathtaking view.

This week we have moved on to the last little bit of clearing our new 1/2 mile driveway and will begin the construction of a new entrance and installing drainage and base/gravel next week. EEEK!

Along with this work, we are buried in permits, applications, bids, and balancing a budget. Driveway permits, building permits, septic permits. New water well bids, power drop applications, and on and on.  This process can become extremely overwhelming and stressful, so Preston and I are both thankful for the outdoor work to help relieve the stress.

We have purposed to slow thing down on the farm this spring, and focus on the things that are most important to our family. That narrows down to 4 things:

  1. Fresh Vegetables-we simply cannot go without a summer garden. However we will be down sizing this year and only planting enough that we can eat fresh. Thankfully I canned enough last season to last us through this year, so we should be good on homegrown veggies!
  2. Eggs-Our laying flock is getting older and we are down to just a handful of birds. So we have 25  layer chicks coming in tomorrow to restock our egg supply by the fall.
  3. Pastured Chicken- We cannot live without this staple, so through the house building process, we will still be raising and processing pastured meat birds for our freezer.
  4. Continue to grow our herds of cattle. Our beef herd and Registered Dexters will always be a staple, so their care and management will continue through out this process.

We have a lot of  balancing to juggle in the next year. Farm maintenance and care, homeschooling our kids, (one will be in his senior year!), and building a home, along with Preston still working a full-time job as a firefighter. But juggling is something Preston and I do well. I’m extremely thankful that God gave me a relationship with my husband that thrives on steroids when we work together.

I’m really excited to share this process with you as we go. Many of you have contacted me already, sharing that you have plans in all different stages to build a similar metal home or barndominium. While this trend is growing by leaps and bounds, it is still a relatively untouched trend in the majority of contractor built houses, and when doing it yourself, with as little hired-out help as possible, it can be a daunting task. So, I hope that by recording our journey here, (and it will be real life, people), our experience will help some of you fulfill your dreams!


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