Morning Booster

As ya’ll know, I am big time into healthy eating. We believe that if you nurture your land, you nurture your food, you nurture your bodies. It’s a cycle, that sadly in America, is mostly full of leaky holes, much like the leaky gut that most Americans suffer from, as a result. But drawing close to your food, educating yourself, growing what you can, and choosing highly nutrient based foods to purchase is a beautiful recipe for health.

I haven’t shared much about our food in awhile, so here is a little secret for you, I drink this nearly every morning, and sometimes for dinner, too. This green smoothie will make you feel so good! It’s my favorite morning booster. It’s chalked full of liquid vitamins, micro nutrients, and liver support. It’s anti-estrogen, hormone regulating, and boosts a healthy gut. And it’s tasty, too!

Morning Booster:

2 cups fresh kale

1 whole lemon, peeled

1 scoop wheat grass powder

2-3 drops of stevia, (or to taste)

20 ounces water

Throw all this into you favorite blender and blend for about a minute on high, or until completely smooth.

Drink away and start your day!

And it’s farm kid approved!


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