Cleaning Up

After our week off for Christmas holidays, we have returned to our giant clean up after the bulldozer. Bulldozers are amazing because they make such quick work of a huge project, but they leave a mess of cedar pieces in their wake. It’s been gorgeous weather, though, (Texas loves its 70* January days!), and we’ve made great progress on our house plot. Another couple days and we’ll be finished with our hill. 

 Our home will sit on the very back of our 25 acres, which means we have a long drive to put in, 1/2 a mile long. This will be our next focus project. Oh, the joy as the permits begin! 

As is fitting for the beginning of the year, I am weighing commitments that will influence the weight of this build. This is a hard thing to ponder, as I only have commitments to things I love. But even at that, I refuse to spend the whole year feeling overwhelmed, so I am pondering seriously. 

So that’s an update. Life is never boring. 


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