New Home Site-The Very Beginning

For years now Preston and I have been planning and dreaming of putting a permanent home on our farm. The vision has blossomed, changed, transformed and, finally, it’s ready to be birthed! As I mentioned before, we are big on simplified living, and our new home will be a reflection of this conviction. We are building a cross between the ever-classic farmhouse and the cutting edge barndominium. Our new home will be steel construction, like a barndominium, but will not include a “barn” or workshop structure in the living building. Here is a glimpse of our current working plan from an outside perspective.


This is somewhat rough, but it gives a basic perspective.

The new house will be situated at the very back of our property, on top of a hill that gives way to a beautiful view of the Hill Country. Right now all your can see is a line of invasive Juniper trees that suck all the water from our ground. Next week, I will relish showing you what this picture looks like after their removal!


Tomorrow we begin the very first step of finalizing the clearing and prep of our new home site and a much longer, more scenic drive way. Today a bulldozer was dropped off and will be Preston’s toy for the next 7 days.While I get the privilege of wielding a chainsaw to cut around all the oaks and area that are too steep for the dozer to get to.


No doubt it will be a week full of many cuts and scrapes, and we will fall into bed exhausted every night, but we are so excited to get this project rolling!

This year I plan to blog about our progress of the new house. Keeping with tradition, Preston and I plan to do most of the build ourselves. Although, we will be hiring out the actual shell and will evaluate as we go. Our goal is to still love each other at the end of this build. Because, if we do it all ourselves, but hate each other at the end, what’s the freaking point?




6 thoughts on “New Home Site-The Very Beginning

  1. The process and decision making is tough, but it’s wonderful to remember to keep positive and revel in the rewards that come with the hard work and difficult moments. Be careful with that chainsaw!! 🙂

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