Many of you know that my Grandmother passed away earlier this year. She imparted many things to me, but one is a love for writing. My Grandmother was a journalist before she married my Grandfather, and always held a deep love for all things written. I have had fun reading through her writings that are left behind now.

The poem I am sharing with you now is about a cat that they owned when my mother was a child. I just love it, because it shows a beautiful glimpse into the way my Grandma looked at the world. I hope you enjoy.


We have a little Siamese cat,
Her name? Mehitabel.
And you can plan to get well-scratched,
By stepping on her tail.

She tears up all the furniture,
Knocks vases on the floor.
And every time it’s open,
She sneaks right out the door.

Mehitabel can cross both eyes,
When feeling quite displeased;
The sort of look that makes you think
She thinks you’ll give her fleas.

The very latest magazine
No one ever saw,
Reduced to shreds of paper
By ferocious tooth and claw.

If intruding in the house,
A little mouse should creep.
Me-hit-a–bel promptly
Decides it’s time to sleep.

On raw cream and seafood,
Mehitabel doth dine,
Demanding long and loudly,
Meals be served on time!

When she appears outside the house,
Dogs and lizards run.
Mehitabel is anti,
“Quiet sleeping in the sun”.

She teases other dogs and cats,
Chasing them with glee.
And when they turn upon her,
She shinneys up a tree.

She climbs upon the rooftop,
Meowing…sadder….and sadder,
To let you know she can’t get down.
Again! Please get the ladder.

I know you think the family
Owned by such a cat
Would like to trade her in
For any “This or That”.

However, we’ve decided
Life is never dull or flat
When you get used to living
With such a funny cat.

Mary Jan Paul



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