Rum Cider

For those that know me, and those who watch from a distance, you know well that Simplification has become the theme of my life. A theme that plays over again, and I just keep turning up the volume. In the near future I will share a lot about my journey to purge our life of over-consumerism, and to intro this series, I am going to share my favorite simplified holiday drink: Rum Cider.

Are you ready?

Spiced Rum, 1 part

Favorite Apple Cider, 2-3 parts.


See, I told you it was simplified!

This holiday season has been harder for me to wrap my brain around then in the past. Our family used to be big, loud, boisterous. But over the past 10 years we have experienced a lot of loss. Loosing my Grandmother last spring was a huge turn in the ship of my life. She is gone. Our ranch has been split and will see many changes in the coming months. Her things have been sorted and distributed. And I am left with another empty place in my heart this year. She was the hierarchy of our family, a woman everyone loved, but no one crossed. And without her here, it makes all the other losses seem that much more empty. My Son, my Brother, my Father, my Grandfather, my Grandma. They all have this forever claimed space, and I miss them always. But during this time that should be busy and loud, it just seems quiet and still. I have much to be thankful for, and I think on those blessings regularly. Life goes on. and when you wonder if it can, it still goes on. And there are still happy times and still sad times.

I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and children this month. Time with my Mom and Stepdad. Time talking to my Sister, who lives far away.

But this little glass of sweet spice feels extra good warming my belly. And I think that’s OK.


2 thoughts on “Rum Cider

  1. I remembered reading about your grandmother’s passing, i totally understand your feelings of especial loss there.. my grandmother has been gone 15 years and nit a day goes by that i din’t think of her.. whether it is when i am using some utensil of hers in the kitchen, wearing a poli shirt that looks like one that she had, or just wishing that i could talk to her and have her help in figuring out my life…. she was truly the beating heart of our family..NO ONE will ever be able to even partially fill the empty space that is hers… i did not know that you had lost a son and a brother also… my heartfelt sympathies go out to you… have, indeed had a rough patch.. my prayers to you for your comfort and peace..

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