Dear Friends, 
Spring is my favorite time of year on our farm. Everything is green and glowing. The air is full of hope. We plant seeds and watch them poke their little green heads up through the soil, promising to grow tall and strong. Baby calves start hitting the ground, and within minutes are up drinking milk from their mommas and within hours they are running around the fields. Working in our garden while calves frolic in the front pasture is one of my favorite spring activities. The wind whips through my hair, it’s just hot enough to work up a good sweat, and the ground is damp and cool. These moments feed my soul. 
I can almost forget that summer is just around the corner. Almost forget that, when it comes, it will be 90* by 10 am and 100* by noon. Almost forget that there’s that ever looming chance that the green will turn brown and the dirt will dry and crack with thirst. Almost forget that farming is hard. 
Almost forgetting is a good place to be, because in the sweet moments, the reality that they don’t last forever makes you appreciate them all the more. 
So for now I will cherish my pretty green farm and all that comes with the sweetness of spring and when summer gets here I will take comfort in the fact that spring always comes back again. 


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