Potato Potāto

Texas is a fickle lady, and she has turned her back on winter this year. That’s ok with me. I’ll take planting in 80* weather over 30* weather any day. Which is what we did Saturday. 50 lbs of potatoes and 800 onions went into the beautifully turned soil that our chickens spent the last 5 months working/pecking/popping on. 

It felt so good to have my hands in the soil. I almost forgot that I had injured my back a few weeks before. For the first couple of rows. Then the searing pain began shooting down my leg. I pushed through to the end, but, damn, back pain and farming are the worst combination! By the end I was hobbling, bent over, and finally collapsed on the picnic table. 

So, right now the chiropractor is my bff, and I am having to pace myself-a trait I don’t carry well. 

But I’m doing what I need to do to heal, because, right around the corner, the big March planting will be here. 

Also, I am super excited about a trip to Guatemala that is coming in May, a time when we will visit 12 villages and a future school we are helping with. There is an opportunity that I may get to help the Guatemalan farmers expand their ideas and potential, as well. 

So, with all that’s on the horizon, I need to spend the next couple weeks prioritizing my back, healing. So, lots of yoga, chiropractor visits, and not a lot of work are on my plate. Then I can relish this spring, hands dirty, heart happy, back healthy again. 


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