We’ve been seriously blessed this winter. So far, it’s been very wet and quite mild. I say that loosely, because we still have February, which, statistically, punches a good winter punch. However, Tuesday it was 75*, and the farmkids were in shorts. We busted out the fire ring and the hot dogs and pinched ourselves. Everything is green. The cows are rotating on pasture, and the chickens are fertilizing the garden. And I am getting the itch to plant something!

In about 2 weeks we will plant red potatoes and onions. And then we’ll blink and it will be March and time to plant the spring garden.

I don’t think I have looked forward to getting my hands in the ground this much in a several years. Last year, our life just took a crazy turn for the equivalent of jumping on a Toll Road with a 90 mph speed limit. We took great steps to change things this year, and I am actually going to have some simplified time on my hands to soak up some sun and enjoy gardening.

I am greatly looking forward to working with my family in the dirt, planting seeds, hauling mulch, and harvesting crops.

With each year that passes, I grow to understand the things I love most in life will always ask me to get my hands dirty. And I love them back for it. Whether it’s growing food, raising kids, helping the helpless, or working hard with my man, if my hands are  dirty, chances are I’m smiling.

Do you get your hands dirty?


I have just begun writing about the journey I have taken towards minimalism this year. It has changed my life in so many positive ways. I thought about writing on SCC about it, but it just didn’t seem to fit. If you would like to see how my journey began and read upcoming tidbits about what I have learned this year, I invite you to check out


One thought on “Planning

  1. I too am itching to get in the dirt. I’m expanding my garden this year, doubling the size so I will have my hands full, but it’s all I can do to let the ground dry after all the rains. Just a few more weeks and we should be able to get out there!.

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