Principals of a Homesteader

If there is nothing else that is achieved in this short life we have been gifted with, we should strive towards what we strongly believe in.

This is how we view life as homesteaders.

 We should have the passion to pursue our dream no matter what obstacles come against us.

We should have the tenacity to keep putting one foot in front of the next, even when we wonder what it is we are stepping on.

We should have the courage to go against the trend, the popular vote, the swing of things, to accomplish our dreams in a conscience that we can be proud of.

We should have the wisdom to know when to figure things out on our own and when to stop and ask someone else for help.

We should always keep in the forefront of our mind that while we are entrusted to keep this land, there is a Bigger Source that knows the beginning and the end and He is in control and He wants to help if we will just ask.

We should have the desire to show and teach those around us why we believe in what we do.

We should have the work ethic to see the dream through, even when there is sweat, stress, tears, blood.

We should always try to see the end result, even when the dream is still in its embryonic stage.

We should never take the things we can’t see for granted. The earth worm can make or break us.

We should say yes, and then figure out how to make it happen, because it’s best for our land, but takes more from our bodies.

We should say no even when we really want to say yes, because we know that it’s not best for our land and what we have been entrusted to be keepers over.

We should never, ever, ever, ever, ever say it’s impossible, it’s too hard, I quit, I’m too tired, I can’t. These are the words of failure, which is not an option.

When we get knocked down, we determine to keep getting up, even if we see stars.

We should remind ourselves to stop, lean against a pasture gate and enjoy the beauty, the amazing life, the dream that we are building at the end of the day.



3 thoughts on “Principals of a Homesteader

  1. So, so true. Just shared it with my kids (had to explain a few things) because it’s important. If we all believed this, and followed it, we would be a stronger nation, mentally, physically, emotionally and morally.

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