The Nitty Gritty Of Our Natural Body Care Products

I love to see how people react when they find out that we don’t use the normal beauty products you find on the grocery store shelf. It’s usually either a big grin, followed by a “Me, too!” or it’s a “Really…” as they move backwards slowly. We do not have any of the normal shampoo and conditioners, liquid hand soap, or wall mounted air fresheners. What you will see are hearty bars of homemade soap, bottles filled with apple cider vinegar and tubs of oil.

Most people who come to our home eventually get around to asking, “So, what do you use all that for?”

And then I just smile, because I love telling people they do not need to be shnooked into spending bookoos of dollars in their grocery cosmetic isles! And their body will thank them with boundless thanks in the long run.

Did you know that your skin is a super porous organ that sucks up everything that is applied to it? And did you know that all soaps have been stripped of their moisturizing properties, which forces you to buy lotions and face moisturizers? And did you know that these are full of toxic chemicals that your skin readily soaks up and then passes on to the rest of your body.

I am going to outline the things we use for our body care in this post. Some of them are seriously weird. Seriously. But we have proven them! They work!

My journey in cleaning out the bathroom drawers started when my wonderful Farmman bought me this book for Christmas:

Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care” A to Z Guide to Natural and Synthetic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Just buy it, even used, and read it. Every single word, cover to cover.

It explains everything, the good, the bad, and, in this case, the ugly under the beauty.

So here is a list of what we use:

Hair Care:

Our whole family has switched to using homemade shampoo bars for washing our hair. I have been using this recipe and I really like it:

If you would rather purchase a shampoo bar, you can get one here:

The men in our home had no problem with this transition, but my Shadow and I took a little time to adjust. My Shadow’s hair was slightly oily for about a week after switching, my hair, which is pretty long and very thick, took about a month. I  wore lots of buns, braids, and ponytails during that oily transition time, but now my hair is amazing, soft and you would never know that I am no longer stripping all the oil out every time I step into the shower with conventional shampoo!

A note on this for those with longer hair: I have found that if you use the bar to lather up the front and top of your head, then flip your head over and lather up the underside and back, then rub down into the ends of your hair, you get a really good distribution of soap, then repeat the process with water to rinse, taking care to get all the underneath rinsed out.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

After washing with a shampoo bar, spray a generous spraying of Apple Cider Vinegar onto your entire head, let it sit for a minute of two and then wash it out.

You will not have tangles and your hair will become shining and supple.

Coconut Oil Conditioner:

Once a month I use Coconut Oil as a conditioning treatment for myself and my Shadow’s hair. I use 1 tsp-1Tbsp, (enough to thoroughly coat hair from scalp to tip) and work into entire head of hair. Then we wrap our hair into a bun and wear it this way for at least 2 hours, sometimes all day. Then just wash it out like you would normally wash your hair. This adds oil and nourishment  and is especially helpful in the summer, when swimming and the sun can strip your hair of moister.

Whey Protein Treatment:

Because we have cows and goats and make cheese, whey is a natural by product that we have in plenty around here! But it is not hard to come by, even if you do not live on a farm or have a milking animal.

Simply use a quart of milk (raw is best) and heat it to 180* and then stir in a dollop of vinegar.

A pour, a dash, a dollop.

This is not a science. Well, I guess it is, but it’s not an exact science!

Just pour in a dollop, then stir, you should see your curds separate, which will appear to be white chunks. If you don’t see these, then add another dollop and stir again.

Once you see your curds, strain them off using a towel, cheese cloth, or a fine, fine colander, with a pan or bowl underneath to catch the whey.

Pour the whey into a spray bottle and spray liberally onto your hair. Wrap it up and let it dry.Keep your whey spray bottle in your fridge to keep for at least a month.

While it’s drying, you can add a little salt and garlic to your curds and enjoy some cheese and crackers!

Whey adds vital protein to your hair, strengthens the shaft, and adds a fullness and shine. I do this about once a month.


I used to just love those big bottles of shower gel in all the amazing colors and scents. Then I found out that these “pretty” bottles were robbing my body of it’s moisture, literally drying my skin and aging me. Not to mention the sulfates, dyes and other synthetic chemicals  that we were soaking up every time we lathered up!

I started making our own soap several years ago. I highly recommend that you do some research and try you hand at this skill. Your rewards will be endless! Here is a really great place to start:

If you would rather buy your natural soap, we actually sell our bars now, and I can personally vouch for their amazingness!


When I get out of the shower, I reach for a tub of Coconut Oil. The good stuff, the Virgin Organic stuff. I scoop out handful, start at my feet, and slather down. All the way up to my face. One $16 dollar tub last us 6 months. That means we spend a total of $32 a year on moisturizers or a family of 5. And our skin has never been healthier.


Remember that everything you put onto your skin ends up in your body.

Coconut oil has endless benefits to our body, and we consume it on a regular daily basis, but it’s skin benefits are wonderful as well!

It is:

Antiseptic and antimicrobial

Fights acne

Full of Antioxidants, which help fight wrinkles

Fades stretch marks and scars

Soothes dry flaky skin

Full of medium chain fatty acids, which nourish your skin and help it to heal and renew skin cells

A really nice treat is to mix a small batch of coconut oil with your favorite essential oil. I love Lavender, or spearmint, but your possibilities are endless.

Mouth Wash and Tooth Paste:

Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly effective mouth wash. Simply take a swig, swish it around in your mouth until it bubbles too much to swish, then spit.

Hydrogen Peroxide kills viruses and bacteria and it helps to whiten teach. It does take a little getting used to the taste, but it doesn’t take long to adjust.

Yes, we eliminated fluoride many years ago.  Do your research, know what it is, and make a choice for your home.

This is the recipe we use for tooth paste now and we have had wonderful results. Healthy teeth, whiter, brighter and our dentist is happy!


Once again, we make our own.

Our bodies were created to sweat. This is one way the body releases toxins. So Antiperspirants should be out. On there hiney.

Also, Aluminum which is commonly found in deodorant is linked to Alzheimer’s and brain disorders. Seriously.  Don’t mess with the nasty stuff.

This is the recipe that we have had great success with:

You can also purchase a great, completely natural deodorant here:

These are a our basics. If I shared everything, it would go on and on and on. But this will get you started in the right direction!

This is really what it comes down to: Taking our health back into our own hands and stop taking it off the grocery shelf.

Please fill free to leave your natural and holistic beauty tips in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “The Nitty Gritty Of Our Natural Body Care Products

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to help enlighten your readers. Our family has tried really hard to pull away from the chemicals that are found in personal care products, but we still end up using many of the “convenience” items. Thank you for outlining some ways that we can change up a bit!

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