Power Orange Cleaner-make your own

How would you like it if I told you it is entirely possible for you to clean your whole house without using a chemical?
It’s true!
I haven’t bought a chemical product off the grocery store shelf in many years now.
Here’s the natural cleaners I use the most in my home and what they do:

Baking Soda-
Toilets, bath tub, showers, stainless steel appliances, stove tops. You can sprinkle it on or mix it with a little liquid soap.

There’s really nothing in my home I don’t use vinegar on! Counters, windows, mirrors, sinks, floors, walls, mixed with essentials oils it makes a great spot carpet cleaner or you can use it in a carpet cleaning machine to replace the chemical cleaner.
(here’s a hint-if you make kombucha tea, you can heavily ferment it, until it smells like vinegar, and use it in place of store bought vinegar. It cleans amazingly!)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Makes a great window and mirror cleaner, also counter tops.

Coconut Oil
Cleans wood furniture better than any furniture polish ever could! Smear a little on a rag and then buff it on in a circle pattern.

In my previous post on making a homemade fly spray/udder wash I had a lot of people ask about orange oil and where to buy it. You can find it at any garden store in the organic or natural remedy section, but you don’t have to buy it! Here’s a super simple, make your own recipe for orange oil vinegar.

Start off with a pile of fresh oranges.


As you eat them, throw the peels into a quart mason jar.


When your jar is 3/4 full of orange peels, cover them with vinegar and put a lid on them loosely.


Set this jar on your counter and once a day tighten the lid, give it a good shake, loosen the lid and set aside. Do this for about 4-8 weeks, the longer it steeps the stronger it will be.
The vinegar pulls the orange oil out of the peels.


When your vinegar has a nice dark orange tint to it, strain it through a fine colander into a clean mason jar and discard the peels. It is now ready to use!
This stuff cuts grease amazingly! I love to use it when I’m cleaning my stove and oven. It also works wonders on floors.
When I make my fly spray (see previous post) I use 1/4 cup very strong orange vinegar oil or 1/2 cup medium strength orange vinegar oil.
Give it a try, make those orange peels work for you instead of just throwing them away. You won’t regret adding this simple cleaner to your home, I guarantee it!


12 thoughts on “Power Orange Cleaner-make your own

  1. I love the idea of this. My son has a lot of chemical allergies and it can be hard to find cleaners that don’t cause him breathing problems. We’ve been eating tons of oranges lately so I am going to start saving them now and try this.

  2. Thanks for sharing the orange recipe! I use baking soda and vinegar, but haven’t tried the coconut oil for furniture polish, just olive oil mixed with vinegar and lemon juice. Can’t wait to try it.

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