Success and Failures

If there is one thing that is an absolute given about homesteading it is this: If something goes wrong, it always comes down looking you squarely in the eye placing the blame where it belongs.

In the world we live in today, it has been my observation that most people spend a percentage of their lives shifting blame of things off of themselves and on to others or other things.

But this is where the rubber hits the road, poop hits the fan, or the rock gets stuck in the dirt.

When something goes wrong, what are you gonna say?

I didn’t have time! Really?

There wasn’t enough! Poor planning…

I didn’t see it coming! Lack of foresight and preparation…

It wasn’t my fault! Ya, well…

No one told me! Hmmm…

When it all comes down to the dirt, there is only one person that the period ends with. Us. Me.

Yesterday we found out our super strong honey bee hive has collapsed.

And it was due to poor tending from us.

We didn’t have time, we didn’t see it coming, we didn’t remember….and it was our fault.

We worked really hard to establish this hive, and even more crushing was all the work the bees did. We watched them grow, flourish, multiply and thrive, and now, due to our lack of diligence, our overextending of ourselves, they are nearly gone, the brood is gone and they are without a queen. And we have to start over.

It’s really hard to have something fail. I really would like to blame someone else for it.

But at the end of the day, there is no one else to blame and all you can do is learn and not commit to failure.

I read in a Joel Salatin book that Failure is not the opposite of Success. Failure is a prelude to Success. Quitting is the opposite of Success.

We will never quit. But we will fail. And while I hate that, and believe me, we lost some sleep over this one, we will learn from these mistakes and we will have success with our bees. They are too vital, too much a part of the grand vision that we have here.

They are too valuable to give up on.

Tomorrow is a new day, full of it’s own successes and failures.

Tomorrow is where we keep our focus, because no matter what blame today holds, our hope is in the successes of tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Success and Failures

  1. I get this, totally. We just found out this past week that we will have to take our newest Bull to butcher, due to our Vet determining a negative gene that has been enhanced – and severely – due to inline breeding. I didn’t give enough time to researching – his – tree. And we’re devastated.

    In the realm of the goal – failures are the healthiest opportunities where we can learn. Learning what not to do in anything – shapes us for becoming rich in ability for success.

    You have the will. You’re doing just fine.

  2. Awww…I can feel your heart break over this! Sometimes the lessons we learn the hard way are the ones that stick with us the most. But, like you said…today is a new day. You’ve learned the lesson, it is what it is, now get on with it. Just think how strong your next hive is going to be! ~hug~

  3. I am sorry, we have also been there so many times. I am glad that you have bees and are going to continue and I also love what shared from Joel. This is why farm folk are so darn tough, there is not choice.

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