Spring has arri…I’m sorry, I don’t have time to finish that sentence!

Life on a farm/homestead/ranch is all about seasons, and there is no busier season than Spring!


We have been running nonstop.

The temps are  heavenly, in the 70-80’s. Chicks are cheeping, kids are baaing and bouncing, calves are running through the fresh spring grass that is springing from the ground.

The last 2 weeks have been solely dedicated to planting the spring garden, which in it’s self is consuming.


Plus we are clearing our front fence line, about a ½ mile of juniper in preparation for re-fencing this summer.

Preston and I have been working all day and planning late into the night.


Our homestead has had a tremendous response from our local community and there is a demand for good food we believe we could help fill. So, we are putting things into place to start a farm stand. This entails enlarging our garden by 5xs, ramping up our egg production, and getting our property to full production scale. We are also enlarging our homesteading classes offered. This takes a enormous amount of planning, but it fulfills one of our dreams which is to help others obtain the life we love so much.

It’s a tremendous load, but super exciting to see our future blooming!


It’s just nonstop right now, which is why this post is short.

We wake up before dawn, we work all day, we crash as soon as the sun goes down.

And now I am going to crash.


And wake up to this amazing life in the morning!


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