Sweet Daily Occurrences

A glimpse of some of my favorite things on the farm…

Preston smiling garden

My daughter running barefoot through the barnyard, with her hair blowing in the wind.

 ~My Techie hammering nails into random boards to make a rickety tree house.

 ~Preston’s Shadow, up at the crack of dawn, dressed to his shoes, heading out the door to go hunting for snakes.

 ~Chickens clucking proudly after they have laid an egg.

 ~The meditative sound of milk hitting the bucket every morning.

 ~The sweet smell of good hay.

 ~Cedar burning, smelling it’s linger for days.

 ~The overwhelming sense of accomplishment for each new project finished, no matter how big or small.

 ~Watching chicks grab their first bug. And then all the other chicks instantly learning how to steal.

 ~Cows lying in the pasture chewing their cud.

 ~New life, being born in my lap, or proudly being shown off by its mother when I come out to feed.

 ~Bringing in a basket full of wholesome goodness from the garden.

~Golden bread, fresh from the oven.

~Mozzarella cheese stretching between my fingers.

 ~Pulling weeds and feeding them to the cows.

 ~Driving T-posts.

 ~Snakes at midnight.

  ~Flowers blooming, bees buzzing.

~Days when I teach my children something special.

~Days when my children teach me.

~ The first taste of honey.

~ Kissing the man I love in the middle of a tough project when we are both all sweaty.

 ~Driving the tractor.

 ~The first hint of green in the spring time.

 ~The feel of a goats silky hair under my hand as she leans into me for some love.

 ~The day that baby calves curiosity overcomes their fear of me.

 ~The feel of wind blowing on a sweat soaked body.

 ~The look of my pantry when it is fully loaded with food from our land.

 ~The sound of the diesel engine in my truck.

 ~Holding hands walking through a pasture.

~WatchingChico,Chihuahua/Terrier  play with Clara, the Great Pyrenees.

 ~Children that say “I’m hungry” and head to the garden to pick a snack.

 ~The creek overflowing, rushing by after a good, hard rain.

 ~Littles in mud puddles

 ~Knowing that Sir Cluck was willing to give his life to protect his chicken harem.

 ~The sound of freshly canned jar lids popping when you pull them out of the canner.

 ~Dogs running through the woods.

 ~Watching an ant carry a sunflower seed three times its size and feeling a renewed sense of motivation.

 ~Watching the sun rise in the morning and the farm wake up.

 ~Seeing Blackbeard, the rooster, fly up on the gate, flap his wings, and crow.

 ~The sound of Katydids at night.

 ~The feel of my boots sliding on my feet in the morning.

 ~Watching my children catch the rogue chick that escaped.

 ~Clara’s big golden eyes staring up at me in adoration.  

 ~Fixing a plate full of food that came off our land.

 ~The smell of rain just before it begins to fall.

 ~The sun setting at the end of the day.

 ~Watching the chickens run to the chicken house at dusk, stopping to grab one last bug along the way.





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