Clearing Bonus

We got so much clearing done this week with the bulldozer, that Preston decided to clear a bonus area today: The hill that our new house will one day soon sit upon. We call this hill Kody’s Hill, because it was my late brother’s favorite spot on the ranch. And rightly so. Even covered in cedar, you could look over the tops and see for a long ways off. In the evenings we could sit on that hill and watch the sun set-until it went behind the cedar.

This evening when Preston came in from working all day he announced “I cleared the hill!” This just made me giddy!

So, after dinner, and between much celebrated rain showers, Preston went back out to finish up the day on the dozer, and the kiddlings and I put on our mud boots and went for a hike up the hill.

All I can say is “wow.” It is even more gorgeous than I ever could have imagined! A million dollar view. We stood there literally looking out over a good 20 miles of rolling hills and big dark storm clouds rolling all around us.

The hill is at the back of our property and looks out over the back pasture, the barn and barnyard, and then the front pastures. What an amazing sense of love and pride swept over me as I held my kiddlings up and we gazed at the land that marks our homestead. We are indeed blessed beyond measure.

While we were taking it all in, the rain drops began to fall lightly at first, then they swept across our land in force, bringing much-needed moisture to our freshly cleared soil.

Preston’s Side Kick grabbed my hand and said “Let’s run through the rain, Mommy!” So, I grabbed my Shadow’s hand and off we ran, the three of us, down the hill, through the pasture, and into the barn, soaking wet and laughing with all our hearts.

My heart overflows tonight.


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