Best Cream Cheese And Super Easy!

I have fallen in love with this wonderfully easy to make cheese. Seeing that I love all things that hold cream cheese, this was just a natural addition to our life. It’s so good, and so easy, I had to pass it on to you!

Here’s what you need:

2 gallons raw milk at 80*, this is just out of the goat/cow, or slowly heated from the fridge.

1/4 tsp Mesophilic Culture, ( I love #14 from Dairy Connection)

1/2 tsp liquid rennet, (I use organic vegetable)

Once you milk is 80*, mix in you Mesophilic culture, stirring throughly, for at least 2 minutes. Then add your rennet, stirring again for about 2 minutes. Using your spoon, bring your milk to a stand still and cover your pan with a lid. Then just leave it. Leave it all by its little lonesome for at least 12 hours, I’ve left mine for 18 and it’s just fine. After 12 or so hours just strain through a cheese cloth. Hang the cheese to drip for about 10-15 minutes, and it’s done. That’s it, it’s ready to eat!

If you want a super creamy texture, then whip it with your mixer for a minute, or with a spoon or whisk.

If you want a really amazing dip, add 1/4 cup green chiles, a handful of chopped green onions, and some salt and garlic powder. Stir really good.

Oh, my! It will not last long!


6 thoughts on “Best Cream Cheese And Super Easy!

  1. What is the MSA culture? Can I get this at Thanks for your time – love all your comments and pictures!

    1. It makes about 2-3 cups of cream cheese depending on how much fat/cream is in you milk. The liquid you strain off the curds is your whey. You should have 1.25-1.5 gallons of whey.

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