You Bee My Honeysuckle, I’ll Bee your Honey Bee

The Bees are here!  Here’s a little picture journey.

Bee hives being built, you can buy them already built and ready to go, but, come on, my husband is so talented! Why waste it?


We used scrap lumber for the hives and ended up being out of pocket about $40.00. We did, however, order the frames that the bees make there honey in from Mannlake bee supplies. There is only so much time for my talented husband to work, and so many projects on his list!


Here they are! Preston picked up our starter hives and took an advanced bee keeping class at Gretchen Bee Ranch Saturday morning. We HIGHLY recommend them! They have been wonderful!

Getting ready to open the box!


Taking out the brood.


Here’s our new babies! See how gentle they are?

A note here, Preston was wearing a complete bee suit, I on the other hand, was wisely taking pictures, unsuited, about 4 feet away. I had bees buzzing all around me. None of them tried to sting or even seemed concerned that I was there.


Transfering brood to their new homes.


Found the Queen!


Don’t squish the Queen!


Feeding the bees. Each of our two new hives got a 1/2 gallon of sugar water, 1 part water/1 part sugar. The sugar water looks brown, because it is organic sugar.


All set up, fed, and happy. Be free little bees! Grow strong little hive!


This is hive # two. We had just started set up when my camera died. Sigh.


But everything went beautifully and the bees seem quite happy today, buzzing around.

They certainly make me look at these differently!



4 thoughts on “You Bee My Honeysuckle, I’ll Bee your Honey Bee

  1. We had our first honey harvest last year! By the excitement in our family, you would have thought we hit a gold vein! Enjoy!

  2. Okay…so many things I want to comment on! lol, first off – congratulations to you and the family on the bees! We are all so happy y’all have decided to take beekeeping. It rocks. Not only because there’s no better tasting honey than that which comes straight from your own bees’ frames (incredible) but there’s also the knowledge that you’re giving back to the world by giving the bees a chance to do what they do best – forage, pollinate, make honey. Awesome! Thank you for coming to our classes and for supporting what we are trying to do. We think of all of you often and hope your beeventures will bring you great joy and laughter as it has for us. Keep us posted on how things go. These are great pictures, by the way. 🙂 And I love reading your blog. Great job!

  3. You’re handling those frames like an old pro, Preston. And your equipment looks very well made. Keep feeding those bees so they can draw out your comb and they should develop very nicely for you.

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