Our Dexter Cattle

We love our Dexters. I knew years before we ever brought our first three home that this was the breed that I wanted. I remember staying up late at night, researching breeds of milk cows, finding an article written by Mother Earth News about this little cow that punches a big punch on the homestead.

I fell inlove.

And it’s never changed.

We strive hard to be above board breeders of our wonderful cows, breeding for a truly dual purpose homestead bovine that can be supported on a small family farm without eating you out of house and home. We breed Chondro and PHA free, and handle our cows everyday, from the moment they set foot on our property.

All our cows are super sweet and easy to handle, even though each has it’s own personality. Even our bull, Kooper, will let me practically ride him, and my Shadow can sit on his back without him blinking an eye.

Dexter cows give anywhere from 1-3 gallons of wonderful, sweet, creamy milk a day. They produce high quality meat on a grass fed diet, finished out in about 24 months.

Here are a few pictures of our cows out grazing, the way God intended them to be.


From left to right, Lana, boss cow and top milk producer, topping out at three gallons a day; Madaline, sweetest blond on the place; and Kooper, the big man around here.


Leah, my spunky girl who keeps things in order around here. If I’m late to the barn, she’s the first one I hear from!


Sweet Poly, one of our newest additions. I can’t to milk this girl! I just have a feeling about her.


The caption says it all.


The way life should be.

Never locked up, fed cardboard, ground chicken parts, or GMO’d grain.

This is the life all cows in America wish they had.

This is the life all cows in America should have.





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