Lots and Lots of Goat Kids!

Sometimes pictures say a thousand times more than words ever could. So, I’m going to let these picture speak for me.

All of our kids are registerable.

Charlotte and her twins. One doeling, one buckling. Both of these adorable kids will be for sale.

Julie and her surprise buckling. She wasn’t supposed to be due until April!

This gorgeous guy is for sale as well.

Satera’s Doeling…she was just de-budded yesterday. This means her horns were cauterized to stop them from growing.

Satera’s Buckling, we named him Monarch, because he has a perfect butterfly on his face. He is one of the nicest conformed bucklings I have seen. This picture doesn’t do him justice!

Satera, Proud Mama and Super Milker!

Sadie’s buckling. CUTE! They are available for sale.

Beautiful, if I can say so myself.

This is what is happening nonstop in our barnyard right now. Goat kids playing, running, sleeping, nursing off their mama’s….or anyone elses mama that will let them!

It’s fun to live on a farm.


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