What To Do With Whey?

Whey is the liquid that is left over in cheese making. But it is not a left over to be thrown out! It is a valuable source of protein and is chalked full of vitamins and minerals. There are lots of creative uses for it. I’d like to share with you my top ten!

 1. The first, and probly most popular, use for whey is to make ricotta out of it.

See my blog post titled Making Ricotta Out Of Mozzarella Whey

 2. I use it to boil my noodles or rice or oatmeal in to ad valuable nutrients to our food. Anything that you would normally boil in water, you can substitute whey and reap the benefits.

 3. Use it in baking when water is called.

 4. Use it as a base for soups instead of water

 5. Use it as a super-nutritious base for smoothies.

 6. Use it as a wonderful hair conditioning treatment. Just spray into your hair and let it dry. Then wash it out and style as normal. Your hair will soak up all the nutrients and you won’t believe the difference!

 7. Use it as a hair spray substitute.

 8. Fertilize the roses with it. They LOVE it!

 9. Put in freezer bags and save it for later.

 10. And, last but not least, feed it to the cats, dogs, cows, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, or whatever you have on your farm. They instinctually know that this is a super-nutritious beverage and will suck it up almost before you can pour it in the dish.

 I hope you take the time to enjoy the wonderful leftovers of cheese making and don’t just wash it down the drain.








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